About EO

How can I help you grow your business?

Ellen Oliver Camera2I’m Ellen Oliver, a marketing consultant, former sports writer, and bourbon enthusiast. I connect dots and build communities. My expertise in marketing strategy, branding, and content planning, can propel you to a new growth path.

You have great story, about yourself or your business. I’ll help you discover it, without succumbing to the pressure to embrace every new trend or sexy new social platform. You’ll streamline your story and find the right places to tell it.

Need help getting it done?

Think of me as a utility infield marketer. In addition to developing integrated marketing programs and strategy, I can pitch in on social media, communications, research/competitive intelligence, community relations and sustainability, and strategic programs.

I’ve worked for large companies partnering with Fortune 500 firms, government agencies in need of communications help, and small business gaining a foothold in their niche. I also help people promote their writing whether they are published online or in print.


  • Marketing strategy and communications
  • Branding – corporate and personal
  • Content creation and planning
  • Social media
  • New market planning
  • Risk communication
  • Community relations
  • Environmental/Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility programs

If you have a specific question, get in touch. You know my story, I’d love to hear yours.

Connect with me via email or on FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter.

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