FOEs – Friends of Ellen

Like how I did that? Foes are enemies, but FOEs are Friends of Ellen’s. Well, it made me chuckle.

Check out the blogs of some of my friends, collaborators, and people I find interesting. – a blog with travel stories and stunning photos by Tara. Tara does a nice job turning adventures from her life into practical and insightful trip ideas for her followers. Her experiences are real and reachable. When you need a mini vacation or yearn to mentally stretch beyond your cubicle, browse through Tara’s posts for inspiration in your own backyard.

Racecommunications Blog – I used to work with Dave at a company called AMEC. He’s now a bigwig at Tim Hortons. Best advice from Dave: “under promise and over deliver.”

djohnsonpoet – This is the website and blog for the remarkable Donna Johnson. She’s a published poet, a multi-talented worker, crazy young grandma, and owner of Gus the dog. She’s someone who does it all, then in her spare time creates award-winning poetry.

SariBlue – Christine makes beautiful jewelery with a great back story. She’s also harnessed social media to promote her wares and fellow artisans as well as doing good for the world by supporting charities. Buy her stuff!

Sports Righting – Tyler Raborn and his friends at SportsRighting talk about sports with a humorous twist. While some content is serious, my favorite entries make me wonder if I’m reading the Onion sports page.

There Will Be Bourbon – I met Rachel at a Bourbon Women’s Association event in Boston last year. Her blog, written with Patrick, talks about new bourbons, food and drink recipes, and bourbon and whisk(e)y related news.

Dinitro’s Take – I used to work with Rich at a company called ENSR (now AECOM) and enjoy his “Rants about Life, Work, Productivity, Geology, Science and of course Wine, using facts, statistics, and myth!” I especially like the wine recommendations, although I can’t find that $6 Zonin Prosecco.

Lady Maclizbeth – Sage words from the younger generation (younger to me at least!) Although I’ve known Liz since she was a wee lass, I always hear her signature signoff – Stay caffeinated my friends – in the voice of the Dos Equis guy. Good thing Liz is one of the most interesting people in my world.

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